Customer Contact Center Consulting Services

Like all successful businesses, creating an environment for the customer that effectively satisfies their needs is essential for customer retention and continued market growth.  Industry studies time and time again repeat the same theme; 70% to 80% of customer turnover is directly related to poor customer service.  The crucial role of the Customer Contact Center is increasing in today's virtual society since for many customers it is the only means of communication they have with your business and vice versa.  Clearly, your Customer Contact Center is a vital two-way link between your business and your customer base.

Winning Outlook Associates is a high impact, high return operational consulting firm that specializes in the Customer Contact Center field.  Our professional services, which are focused around customer satisfaction, customer retention, and cost optimization, include the following:

  1. Strategic planning- Growth/Consolidation metrics

  2. Process optimization

  3. Agent scheduling

  4. Enhanced technology assessment and utilization

  5. Training

  6. Quality Assurance

  7. Recruitment Process

  8. Recognition Programs

  9. Compensation and Incentive Programs

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