Mark is a world class operations and solution sales visionary who has driven positive, results oriented operations, grown revenue, created business, developed markets and rewarded investors throughout his long career founded at MCI.  Mark’s specialties include: customer-first operations, strategic planning, building powerful teams, process excellence and successful technology solutions.  Some of the qualities he continuously delivers to clients are sales/operations leadership, vision, strategic planning, technology innovation, and continuous improvement.

Mark has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas.

Mark Anderson

Principal - Sales

Karl is a seasoned Human Resources leader with national awards for service to America’s largest, most complex and successful businesses.  Karl’s specialties include driving results, growing talent, perfecting processes, eliminating legal risks and inoculating employee interest in union representation.  His strengths can be leveraged in engagements involving operations & sales, service support, and conflict resolution.  His key competencies include problem solving, building effective teams and developing others.  In Karl’s career, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as MCI Communications and International Paper.

Karl has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saint Thomas

Karl Amelang

Principal - Human Capital

Lawrence is a veteran of MCI Communications.  His responsibilities have included designing and implementing sustainable systems to improve the customer experience while significantly reducing the operating expense.  Following this, he led a consulting services group and began implementing the management tools created for external companies as a service.

Larry has an MBA from the University of Virginia.

Larry MacKenzie

Principal - Contact Center Operations

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Robert is a senior technology and strategy executive out of the telecommunications space.  His contact center capabilities have ranged from designing, building, and operating two- and three-tier software environments to creating analytical tools measuring and monitoring performance at multiple levels.  He has also been instrumental creating a customer service methodology and winning the J.D. Power Award for Customer Satisfaction.  Additionally, he understands the capabilities and limits of technology in an environment as well as the afforded return on investment.

Robert has an MBA from the University of Denver as well as a Master of Science in Computer Science from James Madison University.

Robert Kondilas

Principal - Technology

Tom is a senior technology, operations and marketing leader with extensive experience in telecommunications, healthcare and hospitality.  His experience and capabilities include leading call center operations, design and development of large scale marketing and and customer databases, complex order entry/order processing, creating inbound and outbound contact center systems.  He has also been instrumental in developing a patented computer integrated health decision support system.  Additionally, he has led many business process improvement initiatives, created marketing and advertising plans, annual budget and capital plan creation and oversight, and is a highly capable project and quality improvement manager.

Karl has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wyoming

Tom Brinkman

Principal - Operations