Winning Outlook is not just another lecture series on the power of positive thinking.  Before you can train anyone to think or to be positive, you have to first clear out the old, self-defeating thinking habits.

Winning Outlook is not about software, hardware, systems or any technical aspect of our profession.   Instead, our research-based, real world tools are all about how successful people think and how you can harness your thoughts for results, rather than being held back by irrational thinkinga habit we call toxic thinking.

I have seen dozens of training programs and searched for material that spelled out practical steps to learn effective thought processes for dealing with rude customers, bad data, faulty systems and all the other bogeymen that plague us.  What I found was a lot of homilies that preached the need to stay upbeat, to enjoy being helpful to others and to think positive.  Okay, but how do you do this?

Based on cutting edge psychology, anchored in the writings of ancient Rome and synthesized by a nationally recognized call center HR professional, Winning Outlook is for anyone would like to learn new interpersonal skills and simple improvement strategies that, when practiced regularly, can bring about lifelong, positive results.


How Does Winning Outlook Work?

It’s simple: whenever we become upset, it’s not what’s going on around us that upsets us, it’s our beliefs and how we think about what’s going on around us that makes us angry, sad or anxious. 

Most people want to be happy, but nowadays a lot of people blame other people and their jobs for their unhappiness.  When events get in the way of our goals we can still respond in ways that are healthy and help us to eventually reach our goals.

Irrational beliefs are those beliefs and thought streams that set up outcomes or results over which we have little or no control.  In other words, if we can’t “make it happen” it’s irrational to expect that “it” will happen the way we want “it” to.

If you would like to know more about proven ways that have been used successfully to increase positive attitudes among a broad spectrum of agents and leaders alike, contact us.  We'd love to show you how we can help achieve what others only promise.

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