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Technology Consulting Services

We offer impartial consulting evaluation, analyses, and services to assess contact center technology, systems, and applications.  This includes:

  1. Defining current and future business requirements

  2. Evaluating present functionality

  3. Architecting cost effective solutions

  4. Advising on the impact of future trends

  5. Developing short- and long-term phased plans

  6. Providing cost vs. benefit analyses

  7. Defining and documenting the business requirements

  8. Developing the business case and vendor selection criteria

  9. Orchestrating the RFI/RPP processes

  10. Helping select the proper application technology for according to your needs and goals

We help clients evaluate the technology options that meet their business, budget, and infrastructure requirements, using a step-wise time frame to achieve maximum integration effectiveness.  

Since we are a vendor agnostic, we provide independent advice and expertise to help you design and/or assess your current contact center and organizational infrastructure.  Our expertise includes the following types of call/contact center technologies, systems, and applications: 

  1. ACD/PBX/Multi-channel blended environment

  2. IVR with or without Speech Recognition

  3. Outbound Preview/Predictive/Progressive Dialers

  4. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  5. CRM/Customer Contact Applications & Multi-channel Interface & Requirements

  6. Agent Workstation & Desktop Requirements

  7. Workforce Management Software/Technology/Workforce Optimization Technology

  8. Voice/Data/Electronic Monitoring Technology

  9. Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure

  10. Call Center Performance Management Operational and Reporting Systems

Our Approach  

The way we approach providing the best technology solutions typically includes the following steps: 

  1. Define the Business Requirements

  2. Review the Current Technology Platform Functionality    

  3. Identify Process Gaps

  4. Develop Phased Recommendations

  5. Supply Business Case & ROI's

  6. Select Vendors